I am a computer programmer with a Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen Institute of Technology, focusing on making games. I have enjoyed playing games throughout my life. Yet, I have always wanted to be able to create games that others can enjoy. Now after intensive studies and the experience working in a team environment, I have the knowledge and skills to create my own game or application that I can be proud of. The greatest moment for me is to provide an enjoyable experience for anyone and everyone playing or using something I took part in developing. Also knowing that my teammates can use the tools that I create to make their work easier and faster is important to me.

I think the best lessons DigiPen has taught me is to always be excited to learn new things and to take effort in figuring out the basics before using easily accessibly shortcuts and libraries. DigiPen taught me the graphics pipeline and the algorithms to render triangles and viewport clipping before teaching DirectX and OpenGL, and taught me how to code memory managers before allowing me to use languages with managed memory. I feel confident in being able to tackle any problem because I can figure out the process on my own or ask others for help and still be able to understand.

While in DigiPen, I had a great opportunity to work in small teams to create games from scratch. I held various titles within many teams such as Technical Director, Designer, and Producer. As a Technical Director, I maintained the code base, built the game engine architecture and framework, managed the programming goals of my teammates, and wrote the Technical Design Document. As a Designer, I designed the game high concept, wrote the game logic, oversaw the art direction, and wrote the Game Design Document. As a Producer, I organized weekly SCRUM meetings and sprints, product managed the team's goals and timelines, and wrote weekly Producer Reports of what the teammembers have done, will do, and anything blocking their progress.

In addition to games, I have designed and created my own physics engine, graphics and animation engine, sound engine, level editor, and tools.


- C/C++ (5+ years)

- C# (5+ years)

- Unity3D (5+ years)

- JSON (3+ years)

- LUA (3+ years)

- JS/TS (2+ years)

- Qt (2+ years)

- Java (1 year)

- Python (1 year)

- SQL (3+ years)

- WPF/XAML (3 years)

- XML (3 years)

- DirectX (2 years)

- OpenGL (2 years)

- PhysX (1 year)

- Box2D (1 year)

- ProtoBuf (1 year)

- HTML (1 year)


Lightfox Games [website]
Senior Software Engineer
Winter 2021 - Present
- Knight's Edge (iOS / Android)

Tenacious Entertainment [website]
Lead Software Engineer
Summer 2018 - Winter 2021
- Battleverse Champions (iOS / Android)

Turn 10 Studios [website]
Software Engineer
Fall 2016 - Spring 2018
- Forza Motorsport 7 (Windows / Xbox One)

Harebrained Schemes [website]
Software Engineer
Summer 2011 - Fall 2016
- Necropolis (Windows / Mac / PS4 / Xbox One)
- Golem Arcana (iOS / Android)
- Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Windows / Mac / Linux)
- Shadowrun Returns (Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android)
- Strikefleet Omega (iOS / Android)
- Crimson: Steam Pirates (iOS)

Go Go Kiddo [website]
Software Engineer
Spring 2011
- Go Go Kiddo (iOS / Android)


DigiPen Institute of Technology [website]
Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation with a Minor in Math